Monday, June 23, 2008

Episode 4

Another fun week. I'm enjoying this season. No cerebral games yet, much more action oriented. Maybe this is what they meant when they said they wanted to simplify the season so more folks would understand it. However, I'm still enjoying the episodes thus far. I would like to see some thinking games however.

Who is the Mole? As I have noted many times, the Mole has to sabotage...and has to do so actively, I believe. So, when someone costs money, it's either because they: 1. Are the Mole. 2. Are pretending to be the Mole. 3. Are just physically unable to complete the task. Or, 1 and 3 together, I suppose.

I had a number of people who have told me that Victoria "appeared" to be the Mole. Well, the problem is that she never did any active sabotage. None. If the producers are playing the, well, the way I think it should be played, she could not be the Mole. And, clearly she isn't!

Alex: A good player. Absolutely no sabotage. I don't care how mysterious or controlling you appear to be, if you don't actively sabotage, I do not see you as the Mole. Played well tonight, made money.

Craig: Again, I've had lots of folks say he is the perfect Mole: likeable and apparently above suspicion. The only sabotage he has done is apparently secondary to his physical condition. Losing money by passivity does not a good Mole make. I do not believe he is one. Gutted it out tonight, made money. I can't see him pretending to have hypothermia so he could go to the hospital so he would not have to turn his journal in.

Paul: Continues to be irritating, but continues to play the game well. Is his ability to get under everyone's skin a molish quality? Maybe. He certainly disrupts the game. But, I see no active sabotage. Played well tonight, no money lost. Not the Mole.

Kristen: Did a great job tonight. Played hard, made good money, no apparent sabotage. Based on her performance 2 weeks ago I still have her on my list, but she needs cost more money before I will pin the Mole hat on her.

Mark: Again, some sabotage in the first 2 weeks, cost some money, and has to remain on the radar. Actually, his anger at losing his journal makes him more suspicious to me, but he cost no money this week, other than leaving 4 bricks to carry the scale. But, that did cost a little money. He has to remain on the mole radar, but as a dim blip at the moment.

The big 2 this week are Nicole and Clay. Clay cost money in both events last week, and again tonight. He carried far fewer bricks up the hill than he could have, 3 fewer than Kristen. While she is Amazon-like, he should be about to carry gold about; after all, he is a lawyer and should be used to that sort of thing. Then, he fought for the exemption, when clearly he had not earned it. Again, a good molish act...both depriving the others of the exemption and disrupting the game some. I'm liking Clay more and more.

Nicole: No one has done more to disrupt the game or attempt to cost money than her. She carried few bricks, but did finish. Her performance at dinner was guaranteed to cost the team money, not make it. Then she really made no effort to try to figure out who had written about her. If she is the Mole she is playing it more obviously than anyone ever has. Absolutely can't discount her, however.

So, this week, Clay and Nicole, in that order, with Mark and Kristen still in the distance!

The Mole II

Sunday, June 22, 2008


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Monday, June 9, 2008

The Mole, Episode 2

Interesting episode. Nicole was apparent sabotage at all. Paul? I seriously doubt it; too in your face, and a good competitor. Liz..gone. Clay...nothing other than being one of the 3 to get lost in the pig game. Is that suspicious? I think so. I could easily suspect one of the three in that trio of Clay, Ali, and Mark. Mark was with Kristen in winning the exemption and costing the team $35K. So, Mark is a definite possibility. Kristen also cost money in both games. In the first, she pushed really hard to win the exemption and lose the money...and appeared willing to take the taxi, thus winning an exemption, losing $35K, and another 5K! In the second game...why in the world would she totally sabotage the effort by pushing Bobby in a wheelbarrow?! Geez! Bobby? Either the biggest wimp in reality show history...or the Mole. It just seems to me that the mole needs to do something to sabotage other than being totally passive. Ali? Nah, showing nothing yet. Alex? Good Spanish, collected lots of pigs...too piggy to be the Mole. Craig? Again, a nice guy, but total passivity should not be the hallmark of a Mole. Victoria? Done nothing to bring suspicion on herself.Conclusion at the end of Episode 2? 1. Kristen. 2. Nicole 3. Mark 4. Bobby (and if he plays the entire season like this and is the Mole...for shame!) 5. PaulAlways interesting!BillThe Mole II

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Week 2

OK, my blog has been down for a while. Week 1: who's the Mole? Nicole? Could be. So obvious she is not obvious, therefore perhaps most obvious. Paul. Sounds like Al, but doesn't work nearly so hard. Fairly obvious sabotage in the sand pouring. Worth watching, though. Bobby? Man, if the mole is that obvious.....! Liz...another old one....hmmm. Smart enough, but I doubt it. Might be. Clay. Don't think so. Mark...could be, but I doubt it.

Shoot, folks, it's just the first week!

The Mole II