Monday, June 9, 2008

The Mole, Episode 2

Interesting episode. Nicole was apparent sabotage at all. Paul? I seriously doubt it; too in your face, and a good competitor. Liz..gone. Clay...nothing other than being one of the 3 to get lost in the pig game. Is that suspicious? I think so. I could easily suspect one of the three in that trio of Clay, Ali, and Mark. Mark was with Kristen in winning the exemption and costing the team $35K. So, Mark is a definite possibility. Kristen also cost money in both games. In the first, she pushed really hard to win the exemption and lose the money...and appeared willing to take the taxi, thus winning an exemption, losing $35K, and another 5K! In the second game...why in the world would she totally sabotage the effort by pushing Bobby in a wheelbarrow?! Geez! Bobby? Either the biggest wimp in reality show history...or the Mole. It just seems to me that the mole needs to do something to sabotage other than being totally passive. Ali? Nah, showing nothing yet. Alex? Good Spanish, collected lots of pigs...too piggy to be the Mole. Craig? Again, a nice guy, but total passivity should not be the hallmark of a Mole. Victoria? Done nothing to bring suspicion on herself.Conclusion at the end of Episode 2? 1. Kristen. 2. Nicole 3. Mark 4. Bobby (and if he plays the entire season like this and is the Mole...for shame!) 5. PaulAlways interesting!BillThe Mole II


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