Thursday, August 14, 2008

New "Save the Mole" cmapaign is a new site for fans wishing to sign a petition to save the mole. Jim's original petition has had about 20,000 views, so go to this one and sign up!

The Mole II

Monday, August 11, 2008

Last one!

Ah, a good season! Congratulations to Mark and to Craig! As I've noted several times, any of the final three could have been the Mole and I would not have been surprised. Mark actually threw me off because he was so smart and got answers so readily. I just thought he had to have been given some of those answers!

Craig played an excellent game, and certainly was an excellent Mole; he was not on my radar for the first half of the season, then remained just down the list as the Mole.

I really felt that if Craig was the Mole, Mark would win. If he was as smart as he appeared, and kept such meticulous notes, I felt he would do extremely well on the final quiz; he did just that!

I liked the "hidden clues" this season much better than in season 2. They were not so obvious, and instead of pointing to one player solely, pointed to the final three. I'm glad the producers did not give it away this time in those clues.

So, do we get another season? I think so. Will it be on ABC? Maybe not. However, this show has a dedicated audience, and the ratings were such that most cable channels would love to have this show, I believe. Therefore, I predict another season.

Again, congratulations to Craig and Mark, and to Nicole for playing a fine game!

The Mole II

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Petition to ABC

Folks, please go to and sign the petition to bring the mole back next season!

The Mole II

Monday, August 4, 2008

Episode 9

OK, to start with, the last 3 weeks have just been outstanding, with outstanding games. Tonight's games were both excellent and fun to watch; the bomb game was the best yet. If the entire season measured up to the last 3 weeks, I think the viewership would be up markedly.

What haven't I liked? The bickering and antagonism between the players. We can get ugly bickering on shows on all channels. I turn them all off. I truly think "The Mole" has so much more to offer than that. I'm really sorry that it was made such an integral part of this season. I have noted before that one of the most frequent positive statements I have heard from more people since "The Mole II" was that it was a family show; there wasn't any ugliness or excessive bickering and the players seemed to like each other. (Truth) I realize that almost every show on television seems to have to have the standard ugliness between the contestants; shoot, folks, we have a political campaign to watch if we want that kind of interplay. The Mole has far more to offer than that.

I like Jon OK; far better than Ahmad. But, he still needs an edge. Maybe if we come back again for another season he will develop one.

Tonight in the Defuse the Bomb game, those of you who like Nicole as the Mole should have been happy. She made the standard number of mistakes, almost costing them the money. Both Craig and Mark were the heroes in the game, though Craig seemed to pick up on what needed to be done the quickest. In the end both Craig and Nicole realized that the purple wire needed to be cut...and the game was won. Who was most suspicious? Nicole. Mark stalled quite a bit, but in the end it made no difference.

Once they won that $50,000, I told my wife that the Mole would not then allow money to be added to the pot in the last game. Period. We all saw the obvious mistakes being made. Again, Craig did an excellent job on his clues. Nicole was clueless...either by design (as the Mole) or to attract suspicion. Or, just because she is Nicole? On the other hand, as the Mole she should have been hustling to get to the finish line first. She was not interested. Lots of mis-steps by both Craig and Mark, but Mark got to the bridge first. And selected the dossier. If he is not the Mole...perhaps that was a good step. If he is the was even better.

A good season, overall. We all deserve another! I still think Mark is the Mole. He has done so many little things that I did that I just can't get past them. Again, Nicole or Craig could be the Mole and I would not be disappointed. Boy, if Mark is the Mole, who wins? I think Craig, just because he never lost his journal and had more information at hand than Nicole. If Craig is the Mole, I think Mark is the winner. If Nicole is the Mole, Mark still wins.

The Mole II

ABC address

For all of you who would like to write ABC about keeping The Mole alive, contact ABC at:

500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Reflections of the Mole

Folks, several of you have asked me how to buy my book, Reflections of the Mole. Not a problem. will get you to the web site to order it. I'll sign it, and add any personal message you desire to it.

The Mole II

Monday, July 28, 2008

Episode 8

OK, to start with what I do know. Paul went home, which I expected. Look at it from mathematical point of view. Not a single one of the others thought Paul was the Mole. He had done no sabotage at all, played every game hard, and could not be the Mole. So, the other two non-moles, knowing that Paul could not be the mole, were left with only two people to consider when they were figuring out what answers to put down on the quiz. (For example, Nicole knew she was not the Mole, and know Paul wasn't. She just had Mark and Craig to consider. And so on for Craig and Mark.) Even with pure guesswork each of them only had a 50/50 chance of being right...or wrong. Paul, on the other hand, had to cover each of the other three on his answers, giving himself only a 1/3 chance of getting the answer right. If neither of the other two had any inkling about who the mole actually was, all they had to do was split the 10 answers between two people, guaranteeing that they would score better than Paul. Paul's only chance of staying in the game was to correctly guess the Mole, then answer all the questions accordingly. He clearly did not do that.

So, it was absolutely no surprise that Paul went home.

So, who's the Mole? Geez, I don't know! All three of the remaining players are the correct players to have remained in the game at this point. They sabotaged more games than anyone else, played the games better than everyone else, and the best final 3 are still left.

In the How's the View game, Paul played it straight; Mark really did so as well. Both Craig and Nicole acted suspicious, both costing money. I hope Nicole can cut a straighter line on a patient than she can hold a camera still...and in the right place. I really hope all of her surgery is via arthroscope! Neither Craig nor Nicole can keep quiet, so both were at fault for losing that money. Nicole continues to play with obvious sabotage attempts...whether or not they are real. Craig does the same. Craig will hate to hear this, but those two act like fraternal twins, competing in very similar ways to see who can look the most suspicious.

In the paintball game there wasn't a lot of suspicious activity...unless you consider Mark's 52 second solution to the problem. He made a point of stating that he does these for fun in the classroom. Maybe he does. Or, maybe he knew the answers already, being able to thus ensure he could cost the game another $20,000, plus keep the exemption out of any of the other's hands.

Who's the Mole? I'm still betting on Mark. Who's second? Nicole and Craig...and not necessarily in that order...but maybe so! As a good season should do, this season's final three are the ones who have sabotaged the most, look the most suspicious...and have played the best game. They got it right. And, true to form, I will not be surprised if any one of them is the mole. Ah, the winner? Nicole.

The Mole II