Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Episode 5

Conflict. Too much for me. I really did not like the scene in the van between Paul and Clay. It was boring and not fun to watch for me. Paul continues to be irritating, but a good competitor. What was Clay doing? I feel that a good Mole disrupts the game when he (or she) can, and he did that. Was this molish behavior on Clay's part? Maybe, maybe. All in all, however, I would have preferred that entire exchange between the two of them be summarized in about 10 seconds. Why the ugliness?

I found little suspicious in the first game, "All for One." Mark certainly pushed things, continuing to harp on his lost journal...somehow seeming to hold the others at fault for that. No one other than Paul threatened to not take the key, and Paul was just being...well, Paul.

Now, why didn't Mark take the exemption? $25K? Geez, in our season we settled on feeling that an exemption was worth $50K. He could have taken the exemption and cost no one time in the cold. It was a freebee. I truly think most folks would have taken it. So, why didn't he? Well, if he is the Mole he does not need it. Or, he might really want to keep from alienating the others, and may feel that he knows who the mole is. It does make one wonder, however. So, it could have been a molish act to keep suspicion off himself. I still do not think he is the Mole, but as noted in earlier weeks, feel he has to stay on the radar.

Clay's observations that Mark was changing from the "voice of reason" to an "evil, malicious, doomsday Mark." A little strong there, I think. Again, was this molish talk? Maybe, maybe.

In the "Traveler's Game," Craig quite obviously went for the exemption. I don't blame him; I would have too. Could he be the Mole? Sure, but I don't think so. Mark led the rest of them to not attempt the 5.5 miles in 45 minutes in their costumes. Again, a smart move. 5.5 miles in 45 minutes is an 8 minute pace, a good hard pace for most recreational runners in good running attire. None of them was going to make it. Mark started the revolution against the game, and all the others chimed in and agreed, proving again that there are no dummies on the show. Was Mark's behavior molish? Possibly, but it was also the correct answer. I still have to keep him on the radar. I didn't like this game. Any game that the competitors can opt out of totally, as was done here, probably should not have been played.

Nicole again kept her head down and did no obvious sabotage; in fact, she has done none in about 3 episodes. Kristen I hated to see go. While I had held her in deep reserve as the Mole, this week had just about eliminated her totally from that role. A super competitor. I'll miss her, and frankly, most of these folks I will not miss when they leave. Alex? Continues to play the game and no apparent sabotage. I have eliminated him as the Mole, as I have Paul.

So, this week I continue to stick with Clay as my prime suspect. (Of course, he's a lawyer, and I always suspect lawyers of being sort of genetically primed sneaky folks anyway.) Mark is my second choice. Nicole is fading. Craig did a little to bring suspicion on himself, but I still do not think he is the Mole.

The Mole II


At July 1, 2008 at 1:00 AM , Blogger Kelly said...

Hi Bill. I enjoy reading your thoughts. Last week you said a Mole must sabotage. I agree, which is why I had Kristen dead last on my list of suspects. It's a little hard to find a Mole who doesn't do anything wrong. Tonight, Mark passed up the easiest sabotage of the season (surpassing his chance last week to exploit Craig's fitness) when nobody would have been hurt and nobody would have blamed him (well... maybe Paul). He continues to win. How can you reconcile this? Are we seeing a passive Mole?

At July 2, 2008 at 10:05 AM , Blogger Bill said...

Kelly, sometimes the best thing a Mole can do is turn down an exemption. I did so when I told Al not to give me one, making all the others uneasy. (Darwin: "Bill's just trying to look "noble."'Derisively) Turning down an obvious exemption really confuses folks!


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